• Animated Atlas of Cholesterol and CVRM

Cholesterol, a fatty substance obtained from diet or by de novo synthesis in liver, is an important part of the cell membrane as well as precursor for several hormones. It is packaged into lipoproteins for transport through plasma. Increased levels of cholesterol are the primary risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Apart from lowering plasma cholesterol levels, managing the risks for cardiovascular diseases include diagnosis and treatment of associated conditions like hypertension and diabetes. The Animated Atlas of Cholesterol & CVRM with 3 CDs is a comprehensive collection of videos and images pertaining to the types of lipoproteins, their role in cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerotic plaque formation, treatment options to reduce cholesterol levels, hypertension and diabetes, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Table of contents

1.Cholesterol - Metabolism, Lipoproteins, Complications and Treatment

2. Cardiovascular Risk Management (CVRM)

     3. Cholesterol and CVRM - An Overview

Animated Atlas of Cholesterol and CVRM

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