The Focus Digital Anatomy Atlas on Head & Neck is a three parts App added to the series of “Anatomy Atlas”. The first of the 3 parts - Head - is a tool to enhance knowledge and comprehension on:

A 3D animated, reference tool to recognize and comprehend anatomical positions, planes, dissection layers, and understand clinical manifestations of various medical conditions

Includes 3D animation videos of important applied aspects with clinical perspectives!

Includes Interactive images with detailed description for each label, enabled with user-paced on/off feature and zoom-in /out options

Extensive information accessible through valuable visual tools using 3D animations accompanied by audio and interactive images.

  • Excellent Learning tool
  • Ideal for Knowledge retention
  • Reinforces knowledge through unlimited viewing
  • Enhances the learning and teaching experience
  • The topics include:

    1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes of head and neck

    2. Frontal, lateral, superior, posterior and basal (base) views of skull

    3. Floor of cranial fossa

    4. The mandible and hyoid bones

    5. Muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of face and scalp

    6. Salivary glands – Primarily the parotid and submandibular glands, and

    7. Infratemporal fossa


    Head and Neck - Digital Anatomy Atlas